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Situated on the slopes of the Langenberg mountains Bushmanspad is surrounded by a world rich with life and beauty. Every season brings different moods, different hues and different lives.

Their philosophy on wine is to combine the exceptional conditions of this new world terroir with the most outstanding French varieties to create the best of both worlds.

They give their full attention to the vineyards ensuring that the fruits grown and harvested are of exceptional quality. In the cellar they respect the fruit by using the simplest and most natural methods to bring out the true characteristics of the grapes and then to finally capture it in a bottle.

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Cavalli's Wine & Vineyard philosophy is to produce world class wines with a very local character and a strong identity so to be clearly recognized as from the Helderberg region, while endeavouring to be the benchmark with regards to Terroir and quality for the Helderberg in the years to come. We strive for our immediate environment to be represented in the characteristics of our wines while upholding sustainable farming practices to preserve the land which falls within the Cape Floral Kingdom, a Unesco World Heritage site.

The Helderberg region of Stellenbosch is nearest the ocean and lends the estate to the cooling influence of the Southerly winds. Our soils contain large amounts of ''koffieklip'' with a higher percentage of clay in the subsoil, affording the wines an innate elegance and expressive fruit characteristic. 100% Vititech motherblock plant material is used on the farm – resulting in virus free vineyards and optimal growth, producing outstanding wines. Extreme attention to detail from soil preparation to bottling, through a hands-on approach secures grapes of the highest quality.

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Bergendal Farm (translating to “mountain and valley”) and Heidedal Farm (translating to “valley of Ericas”) is aptly named, and situated on the Paleisheuwel Plateau in Piekenierskloof. It is on these two special parcels of land, that brothers Potgieter and Oubaas van Zyl follow in the footsteps of their grandfather, Johan Abraham van Zyl, one of the pioneering farmers of Piekenierskloof. The lofty climate allows for bountiful production of grapes, as well as citrus and stone fruit, stretching over 600ha of farmland.

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Mama Afrika

The name "Mama Afrika" symbolizes togetherness, hope and passion for the community of Zwelethemba in Worcester, Western Cape, where this mountain has been a shining armour and inspiration for decades. Mama Afrika Wines are produced from a selection of excellent vineyards, from unique soil, climate and location. These wines are made with minimal interference throughout the vinification, paying special attention to every detail to produce this exquisite and enjoyable wine that will leave you wanting more.

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Situated in the heart of the Cape Winelands, Stellenview is fortunate to grow their own grapes and procure grapes from all seven sub-wards in the region. They select only the best grapes grown in Stellenbosch, and over the past years it has become evident in their wine ranges and numerous accolades received.

Their viticulture practices encourage vine roots to drive deep, past loamy top soils down to the sub-strata of ancient granite in search of nutrients and water. This process ultimately concentrates flavour in the fruit and adds natural mineral characters to their finished wines.

After careful selection of grapes at optimal ripeness, hand-picking commences in the early summer mornings. Hand harvested grapes are brought to the winery where they are placed into refrigeration units for further cooling. Sorting tables are used to select the best bunches which then is crushed and destemmed. The winery makes use of a gravity-fed cellar, which facilitates the gentle movement of their wines.

Their uncompromising approach to all aspects of vine-growing, and as such producing and sourcing outstanding quality fruit, has earned Stellenview high recognition within the wine fraternity.

Reino Kruger and the Stellenview team’s hands on approach to provide uncompromising quality wines, is testament to the reward and recognition bestowed on them by the industry.

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The history of the wine farm can be traced back until the year 1818. Today the deep red soils have been replanted with virus-free new clones and a new winery has been built. The picturesque Laibach vineyards are flanked by the renowned vineyards of Kanonkop, Warwick, Marklew and Lievland.

Ultimately, the wine quality is forever linked to the land where their grapes are grown. Site selection is essential in the making of fine wines, because flavour starts in the vineyards. The Simonsberg terroir with its lean deep red soils (Glovelly, Glenrosa) and cooling maritime winds from nearby False Bay is ideal for red wines of body and complexity. The unique meso-climate produces grapes of concentrated fruit and excellent structure. The various heights of our North-East facing vineyards ensure ripening at different times, allowing each vineyard block to be hand-harvested at optimum ripeness.

Laibach tries to make wine in the most traditional and natural way while using the most advanced preserving technologies. They try to maximize soft handling and to make the best of what mother nature gives them on their unique viticultural terroir – wines that reflect both the identity of the different grape varieties and the terroir.

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Org de Rac

Org de Rac was purchased in 2000 by Nico Bacon, an entrepreneur in the South African fishing industry who had a vision of establishing a wine farm committed to offering local and international consumers premier wines made from organically grown grapes. The first vines were planted in 2002.

During the establishing of Org de Rac the best-known specialists were brought into the fold to direct the operation and to assist in achieving the ultimate goal. Soil classifications showed the physical structure and chemical analysis which determine which grape varieties are suitable for planting. The viticulturists used the assessments of the soil types and decision of which rootstock (we use American imported rootstock refined in France) to attach on the correct variety to plant on the specific sites.

Org de Rac is situated outside the town of Piketberg some 130km north of Cape Town and on the very northern edge of the Swartland region. Besides the focus on organic farming, Org de Rac is characterised by its isolated position far removed from the more intensely farmed regions. Its vineyards are south-facing and grow in isolation, fanned by the cooling westerly breezes of the icy Atlantic Ocean situated 50km away.

The Berg River, one of the primary rivers in the Western Cape, borders the property en route to its entrance into the Atlantic, and the looming Piketberg mountain borders Org de Rac to the north.

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Little Giant

Fourth Wave Wine represents Australia’s most dynamic portfolio of modern wine brands. A constant innovator and market leader, Fourth Wave Wine combines exciting and engaging brand concepts with a dedication to high quality contemporary winemaking. Fourth Wave Wine works closely with a small number of like-minded, family owned wineries to create a range of authentic and regionally expressive wines from six countries including Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain and Argentina.  

The Fourth Wave Wine portfolio includes key European brands such as Le Chat Noir from France, Spain’s Elefante along with Maretti from Northern Italy. The Australian portfolio is led by exciting South Australian brands such as Elephant in the Room, Little Giant and Tread Softly. A diverse collection of styles and varietals, there is a Fourth Wave wine for everyone and every occasion!  

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