Richelieu 10 Year Cognac Style available in Hong Kong

Richelieu 10 Year Brandy

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As with all things French, only the finest will do – which is why we use only meticulously selected grapes to create Richelieu 10 Year Old Brandy.

A drink that embodies French finesse with every sip, Richelieu 10 Year Old boasts a full-bodied bouquet and a smooth, oaky finish. Complex and full-bodied on the palate, with aromas of chocolate, vanilla and green fig preserve – each sip is followed by flavours of hazelnut and roasted coffee. Matured for no less than 10 years, this vintage brandy gets its mellow maturity from spending a decade in only the finest French oak barrels, and its purity from the fine art of French copper pot distillation.

Serving Suggestion

Add a dash of water to enhance the beautiful aromas and flavours, or pour this brandy neat over a few blocks of ice to enjoy the taste of contemporary joie de vivre. That’s uninterrupted, blissful happiness to you and me.