Richelieu 12 Case

Richelieu 12 Case

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Technical Details

Style/Variety: Blended Brandy

Region: South Africa

ABV: 43%

Vol: 750ml


The art of rich, rewarding brandy begins with an elegant-tasting glass of Richelieu International.

With aromas reminiscent of ripe plums and prunes, vanilla, mocha and almonds – this French favourite has a refreshing, full-bodied flavour on the palate with a smooth, clean and dry finish. Its mellow maturity flows from years in casks of French oak, with richness derived from the fine art of the distinct French copper pot distillation. Capturing the prestige of contemporary France, we’ve combined breeding, purity, mellowness and maturity to produce a rich and rewarding, full-bodied brandy.

Serving Suggestion

We recommend mixing Richelieu International French style with a South African twist - that means with a splash of something sweet.